Klip Deliver

Klip Deliver is a simple tool work with "Read It" or "Send to Kindle" to download web articles to eBook Reader.
Klip Deliver is for eBook Readers that support MOBI or EPUB format.
We have not tested devices one by one, welcome to give us feedback.

How to do:

1-click to save web articles and sync to Klip.me server, then Klip deliver will auto download the documents(MOBI/EPUB) to your reader.

How to use:

1. Install Read It (Chrome extension or Bookmarklet)
With this chrome extension you can save web articles offline (Click "Klip" icon on *Blank* page to open your Reading List)

2. On "Options" page of Chrome extension, sign-in with your Google account, it will sync all your articles to Klip.me server

3. Download and Run Klip-Deliver
3.1 Sign-in with your Google account and PIN code which generated by Klip.me (get/change PIN code on Klip.me Settings page)
3.2 Connect your eBook Reader, click "New/Edit" button and configure, it will generate a klip-device.ini file in your reader

Every time you connect this eBook Reader, Run Klip-deliver.exe, it will download articles that havn't been downloaded.


Klip Deliver for Windows Download