Klip.me is a service focus on Web Reading, help user to get better mobile reading experience.

This service support Kindle (Email), Android (Native App) and iOS (Web App), in the future it will support more devices.

Klip.me Browser Extension/Bookmarklet based on MooTools, back-end services hosted on Google App Engine.

The Team

We are a small team, most of the time we are in Xiamen, a quiet coastal city in China

Contact Us

To contact us with general comments/inquiries about Klip.me, please send an email to support@klip.me
*** English is not our native language, it is a little difficult for us to reply emails, usually it might be a little slow for response, and we can not reply every messages, but we will read all your feedbacks and suggestions.

This service is a work in progress, any feedback is highly welcome and will help us in adding new features.

*** You are welcome to tell us if there are spelling / grammatical errors, we will fix them as soon as possible.